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We play the role of the doctor and it’s time for a checkup! An SEO checkup, that is, no matter how well optimized your website is, there’s still likely to be some issues that need to be addressed.These can include technical SEO issues, slow page speed, duplicate content, broken links, or anything else that could be preventing your website from getting all the traffic (and conversions) it deserves. Conducting a site audit is the first step in identifying any website issues that you may have.

A site audit is done to identify a wide range of site issues. It decides whether your site is completely optimized for search engine activity, has any broken records or links, loads quickly, is user-friendly and has top-notch content. Conducting regular website audits is critical since indeed in spite of the fact that your location may still be creating activity, you need to be sure that it is reaching its full potential. Not addressing these issues might mean a level or indeed diminish in activity, or a decrease in changes.

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